Is anyone using seatable with n8n ? API use?

I’m trying to automate some things from seatable.
Zapier is great but I’d prefer to use n8n as selfhosted alternative through the API.
Are there some users already using this solution ? It might be great to work altogether and share some workflow.
Let’s work together !

I have asked on n8n forum integration with SeaTable long time ago

There were no upvotes for my request

If you can upvote my request, maybe n8n developers could think about it

Hi @mihha, thanks for the reminder, I just gave my upvote on n8n for SeaTable!
May I kindly ask you to update the link to the SeaTable API Documentation to
Because the old was abandoned earlier this year. Thanks in advance!

I will upvote too, but do you think that the current API + HTTP request would not be sufficient to make some first interactions?

I can’t edit my initial message because too much time has passed since I opened it

It is good that you gave new link to the API documentation

Come on, seatable users, upvote takes few seconds, that would be a wonderful selfhosted combo

Yes, I believe that current API + Web hooks node from n8n would be enough for the start.

It would be great if the developers of n8n would provide a specific node for SeaTable because that way, you could have better credential handling between SeaTable and n8n, among other things

I believe also that the developers of SeaTable should approach n8n developers directly and help with this integration. Things would go much faster. In the similar way they are doing this for Integromat integration

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Agree, that would be helpful to have some guideline, but at least, I’d be happy to start some trials with other users.
My first goal would be to be able to get a table list of rows, including the authentification with token or user/password.
Basing the work on :

Execute command will allow curl so that’s a starting point.

EDIT : /bin/sh: curl: not found

N8n does not look like a supported language for Postman yet, perhaps they are willing to contribute that to under the Apache License.

And if I read the licensing terms of N8n right, their clauses voids all use for SeaTable as a commercial entity so that before providing support we would require a license first to come out of muddy waters. Which looks a bit counter-intuitive to me, but by the letters of their license, it seems to be N8ns’ choice. Weird.

We are in contact with n8n. We’ll post news here in the forum.

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upvoted SeaTable too, eagerly looking forward to any news

Thanks for your upvote for SeaTable! Actually, we are already working with n8n in the meantime. We’ll update you here with the great news soon.

zapier is krazy or i am
Gosh I am so not fond of Zapier, let me share my story:

I previously used Integromat+Airtable and I would barely burn even a HALF of my quota (on a 9 dollar plan!). With Zapier, the cheapest paid plan is $25/month and with a similar scenario it used 100% of the quota IN A DAY.

I know you can (and should) optimize these scenarios, but nevertheless. Zapier is somewhat of a monopoly and with its userbase being soo big it won’t ever care much. Hoping this is not going to last much longer though, while super talented and devoted teams like you guys keep on pushing! n8n support will be huge!

@dimitri and everyone else: some good news, also posted over at the n8n board, we’re looking forward to integrating SeaTable within n8n and it is looking great.

Make sure every vote gets count over there. If it gets 10 upvotes at least, we’ll give it more speed.

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@dimitri: Just as an additional info, for Integromat + SeaTable we also have a forum thread and currently the ETA is roughly in one to two months.

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We’re warming up with fork gymnastics at the SeaTable org: GitHub - seatable/n8n: Free and open fair-code licensed node based Workflow Automation Tool. Easily automate tasks across different services. and GitHub - seatable/n8n-docs: n8n Documentation .


@Tom I’m reviewing the SeaTable Trigger (work for n8n) and wanted to add the possibility to download files to the initial PR. However, I’m having issues figuring out how to get the right file path. Can you check the question below? I really want to move forward with the integration. Thanks.

Any update on n8n
Are there any progress or partial implementation??

Isn’t the post right before yours from 7 days ago an update :wink: