Is it possible to have free and paid sections on the same account?

For example :

  • 2 organisations on the same account : 1 free/1 paid
  • 2 groups on the same account : 1 free/1paid
  • 2 bases on the same account : 1 free/1 paid

Basically I’m looking to have the free plan on some subjects (with the 25 user limit, doing basic things), and a paid plan on other subjects (just 2 or 3 users doing advanced things).

Unfortunately, mixing Free and Plus/Enterprise users in ONE team is currently not supported.

You can put the basic users in a Free team and your advanced users in a Plus/Enterprise team. Then you can uses invite links to share bases between the two teams.

Thanks for the clarification. Just be be sure - when you say “Teams”, do you mean “accounts”? So I would need 2 different email addresses so I can have 1 free account and 1 paid account?

I think we are talking about the same thing but using different words.

SeaTable organizes users in teams. Team members can share bases directly, form groups, … A team admin manages the team (e.g., inviting new members, …)

Every team member needs an account against which they authenticate when logging in. Every account is linked to one email address. An email address cannot be linked to two accounts.

If you as a person want to be part of two different team, you need two accounts, hence two email addresses.

Ok so now I’ve created a paid (enterprise monthly) account.

There are 3 people in my team, but I bought “2” paid subscriptions.

Does this mean the 3rd person will have a reduced access?

When you upgrade your team to Enterprise, ALL team members have access to the full Enterprise feature set.

You must buy as many paid subscriptions as you have team members. The system will prompt you to do so.

There was no prompt or error message in either the change of subscription or payment process to indicate that the number of subscriptions I had chosen to buy (2) did not match the number of users I had, which is 3:

Will I see a prompt or be sent a message in the future at some point?

We’ll investigate. Thanks for reporting.

For the time being, consider yourself lucky that you got 3 Enterprise users for the price of 2. None of your users should experience any lack of functionality. Once they are registered, they are fully functional.

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