Is there a way of changing a single selection based on if another col contains a file?

I try to change the value of a single select cell based on another cell that contains a pdf file. If the cell contains the pdf file the status cell should be option “generated” if not “not generated” how can i achieve that?

HI @aszwoeins.

Interesting question. You can do something like this with a formula column:

if(countItems("File") = 0, 'not ') & 'generated'
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yeah that works. But now its not a select item but plain text. Can i do something similar with select items? @AkDk7

What do you mean by select item?

I mean a single select.

Sorry, I don’t get it. You got an example?

Oh, do you mean the formatting like a single select?

The column type should be a single select. Where theres rather “generated” or “not generated” selected

Nah, I don’t think SeaTable can do this.

Ohh Okey :slight_smile: but for now i think the plain text solution should be fine… Thanks for your support

You could colorize it based on the value though. :slight_smile:

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that’s smart. I will do that :slight_smile: thanks

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I’ve a solution for you.

You can use the automation rules to select the correct single select value.

If you already have the columns File and Formel you have to add a third column Checked or whatever you wanna call it. That is the column with the single select items.

If you have the option to add automation rules you can add two rules for each select option like that. It’s in german but you should understand the trick.

  1. Put the trigger on the first option of the events
  2. Select the file column to be watched
  3. Add a filter that checks if the column Formel is generated or not generated
  4. The automated action is changing the single select to the generated or not generated value

So you have to create two automation rules for each option.

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Thanks for your effort to help me. Where exactly do i find the automations section? I never used it before.

I found it. But i think i am not able to use it bc we are on the Plus Plan right now

Ah okay. I’m running my own instance, so I can use it… Sad thing

Btw. I’ve just had another idea. You could use services like make or n8n to create workflows. Have you thought about that?

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