Is there a way to prevent users from editing existing records?


may i know if there is any feature which prevent users from modifying their submitted records in “Data Collection Table”.

I know this can be done with traditional form, but if a user has to fill up a table with 10 or more rows, it will be easier for him to use the table and submit it once rather than submit 10 times or more when using the traditional form.

I don’t understand the question. (I don’t understand why this is a feature request.) Please specify.

Generally, data collection tables and traditional forms are very distinct. Data collection tables can only be used by registered users. Traditional forms are public web forms which do NOT require a login.

for “Data collection table” , registered user can make changes to past records.
is there any method to prevent registered user from making changes to past submitted records, ie he can only submit and add new rows of data, but unable to make changes to past rows.

I am really confused: Your second post only seems vaguely related to your first post. It’s also become obvious that this is not a feature request. I have consequently taken the liberty of changing its category.

On your question: Yes, there is a way. The table permissions can do the job (see screenshot below).

Table permissions are only available in SeaTable Server Enterprise Edition if you are a self-hoster or in the Plus and Enterprise plan in SeaTable Cloud.

In data collection table, people need to create an empty row, then fill the empty row. If you simply prevent people from modify existing rows, they will not be able to fill the empty row.

You can use automation rules to lock rows every night, so that people can’t modify rows they submitted earlier.

In the future, you can use SeaTable’s external apps feature to build an external application to archive the behaviour you want.

@daniel.pan thank you very much for explanation. will this be available for developer version as well?

External apps feature is not available in developer version yet. It may be added later.

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