Issue when searching in linked tables

Maybe I am doing something wrong - if so I have no idea what.

I have a table (TopEvents) linked to another table (Causes). When I open “Link existing records” from the Topevents table, I see all of the causes from the causes table. So far so good.

When I search for a cause, it does now show a result that I know should be there. Once in a while I see it, but most of the time I have to manually scroll down and locate the cause.

I have experienced this multiple times in various other linked tables.

Anyone know if I am doing something wrong, or if is a bug? If a bug - can it be fixed?


can you please tell me in which column you mapped the “Causes”?
Or does the problem you describe always occur, no matter in which column the object to be linked is

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I am not sure about what you mean?

The cause is simply a “link to other records” column.

Please excuse the misunderstandings. Can you please show me a screenshot of your “Causes” table and the column in which cause types are recorded?

Now worries - sure here it is, I think.

We are getting closer, I think :wink:
In your previous post you showed a screenshot of the “Link to other records” column type named “Causes”.
What type of column in the table named “Causes” does the link point to?

Oh :smiley:

It simply points to a text collum named “Threats”. Is this an issue?


The column type Text is usually no issue at all.

One last question: is the “Threats” column the first one in your table?

Yes it is - I cannot move it.

Okay, which version of SeaTable are you using?

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