Issue with Automation Rule (Sending Emails when set to run periodically on records meet condition)

Hi !

I have an Automation Rule to send a notification once a condition is met; the trigger condition event is set to run periodically on records meet condition with a condition threshold.

I am facing an issue where the rule doesn’t distinguish emails defined in {}, but when I change the Triggers Conditions event to records meet specific conditions it does see the emails in {}!

Please help if you know a fix to this.


Hi Khalid,

Please excuse me, at which point are you working with the {}?

Are you using the brackets in the message box of the send notification action?

Hi Fsa,

I have a column called “email” specifying emails for each row in my table; in the trigger action am putting this: {email}. What I don’t understand why it works when it’s on modification but not when set to run periodically.


Okay, so the automated action is not send notification, but send email?

And you use {email} as send to, or in the text, or where?

When I put {email} in Send to I don’t receive an email

Okay thanks, got it.
I can confirm the Issue.

Please use temporary the trigger condition: run periodically on records meet conditions until we have fixed the Issue.

Rule Configuration

Email Recieved

Output from Run Now option in the Edit Automation Rule as below

Email sent only to the hard configured emails in the rule configuration

Dynamic Email addresses configured displayed on the content but does not reflected in the To addresses.


So you are saying that if you enter {Email} under “Send to” in the automated action under send email and an email address is entered in the column Email (of type Email), no email will be sent to this address?

exactly! please help, the weird thing is this happens only when Event is set to “Run periodically on records meet conditions” if i chose any other event it works fine.

Unfortunately, I cannot confirm the Issue.

Is the filter set correctly?
Which SeaTable version are you using and are you a SeaTable Cloud customer or do you host it yourself?

SeaTable Cloud customer

the filter is set correctly as it works fine if i change the event type to Records meet specific conditions

there is no fix to this?

the Sea Table version is 3.5.10. and I double checked if it’s cloud or on-prem turns out we are hosting it on premises.

Please update SeaTable to the latest version and then try again.