Issue with Collaborators Column Displaying as "Unknown"


We have created a ticket system for our organization using SeaTable and are displaying it on a monitor via our custom app as an embedded iFrame. (The page is set so anonymous users can also see it)

Here’s the issue we’re encountering:
We have a Collaborators column where we display the handler of each ticket. However, the handlers are initially displayed as “unknown.” The correct information only appears after refreshing the page. Unfortunately, we cannot refresh the page manually since it runs on a PRTG.


In the settings, we have already enabled the option “Enable loading collaborator list.”

Is this a known bug, and is there a fix?

I’m still looking for insights on this topic. Has anyone come across anything similar?

This is not a solution, but the request for more information:

The base editor supports collaborative editing, the universal app not. This means, that the base editor updates values without reloading the page. The universal app has to be reloaded.

Therefore, I would assume that you have to reload your SeaTable App to say any kind of change in the data, not only the collaborator column, right? How did you solve this?

Every x amount of seconds (not sure what it is exactly) the whole PRTG monitor refreshes, reloading everything. This refreshes the whole monitor and not just the SeaTable iFrame.

and this does not update the collaborator column?


The monitor basically initializes everything. It’s like closing and opening, so it’s not really a reload.

By design, a user’s avatar and name will be loaded and cached once a row need such an information. (“Enable loading collaborator list.” option does not related to the issue.)

What SeaTable version do you use? And what type of page have such a problem, a table page?

Can you reproduce the issue on with an app and send me an invitation link to the app? We will then give it a check.

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Hi Daniel,

I cannot fully reproduce the issue. The option to set the app to “Allow anonymous access” requires the enterprise plan. The iFrame on the PRTG monitor doesn’t have the ability to log in so we need the anonymous access option.

We are hosting SeaTable 4.4 locally.

Initially, we tested it solely with a Table page. However, upon further inspection, it appears that the problem extends to other pages as well (like Form and Query). While I haven’t tested all page types, I expect similar outcomes.

This should be caused by permission issue. Currently, only logged in users can load avatar and names of users.

I don’t have a good solution for it yet. Allowing anonymous users to load avatar and names of users will be a problem for others with rigorous security demand.

What’s your opinion?

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I get the security concerns with letting anonymous users load avatars and names. If that’s the case, we can live with it, it is what it is :grin:

But I’m still curious why the avatars and names show up after just one page refresh. Is that supposed to happen?

Thanks for the help! It’s not a big deal if it can’t be fixed, just something we hoped to sort out.