Issue with mandatory fields in forms when autofilled by browser

I’ve installed the latest entreprise version, and I’m working on a base with a form.
This form has to be filled with 3 mandatory fields: First Name / Last Name / Email

When I open the form, the browser allows me to prefill all fields directly.
Fields are then autocompleted in one click and I want to validate the form.
But I have an error message saying that mandatory fields are empty.

And I understood that I need to change at least one character in each entry to ‘validate’ it and then the form is accepted.

Can you check that ?

How do you “prefill” the form? Is this the prefill of your browser or do you use the prefill by url function?
Also the auto-complete? What auto-complete, do you mean?

the prefill of the browser, sorry if this is not clear.
The issue is for fields that are populated by the browser, when it identify the field (name, email).
Autocomplete is that my whole form is filled by the browser based on that.

I think auto-complete a SeaTable form via browser is not the typical use case, right?
Usually the users would fill out the form by keyboard and then the validation just works fine.

Not really.
I have a lot of forms with standard fields like "first name, last name, emails’
all modern browser are suggesting to autofill these on the first click in one of the field.
That’s an issue multiple users brought to my attention.
the other fields of interest that they fill are ok, but these ones do no go through the ‘mandatory’ gate…

It’s the first time I hear of this issue. So I am with @cdb. Your use case seems to be out of the ordinary.

@Leo.Shi what do you think?

Did you manage to reproduce this issue ?