Issue with passing items to - again

Have already written about this Issue with passing items to but it is causing major headaches.

I am trying to automate course dates to registration forms via but am having problems with the rows being passed on to Make in the wrong order.
I have a table which sorts courses according to date (“Start” column, column type date, format: Germany, Russia).
I am using the SeaTable “list rows” module in Make.
The course names have a suffix MM.23 that indicates the month in which they take place (important for automatic matching of incoming registrations.
The course names are passed via a text aggregator into the form and placed in a WordPress site.
They should be listed according to date. I thought I had discovered that they get passed on in the order in which they are created. To make sure this worked, I added them to seatable in date order.
Bu this isn’t always successful.
The screenshot shows one set of course. You will notice that the course with the suffix “03.23” is at the end even though it should be first. Why this happened I don’t know.

Any thoughts?

Hi @webdienste.

I do not use but, for me, it seems like a technical issue with the SeaTable plugin, i don’t know.

I’ve tested it on my self hosted n8n instance and I have the same problem. The list from the view “sorted list” is unsorted in n8n, too. I think there is an issue with the SeaTable api?


Thanks for confirming that it’s to be found elsewhere. To make sure it doesn’t continue to cause problems, I am looking to add a module in Make that re-sorts the entries alphabetically before passing them on to the text aggregator. It shouldn’t be necessary, but that’s the current situation.

Such a pity that this query is being ignored… :wink:

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Who knows, maybe they are already working on a solution :slight_smile:

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By the looks of things, either it is listing according to the created or the modified date.

In the meanwhile I have been forced to copy the problem rows to an empty tables, delete the original and then copy them back. This works. It is a dirty way to go about it and is not scalable.

Have developed a workaround in Make for this problem:

  1. first create an array out of the input,
  2. then use an iterator to separate out the items I need.
  3. During the iteration, the array input is wrapped with a “sort” function that alphabetically sorts the arrays into the correct order before
  4. passing the iterated items on to the text aggregator.

However, it would still be good if the good people at SeaTable could find out why Make is ignoring the view and loading results according to create/modify date.