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Am working on an automation of course names and dates.
In my table the view displays the courses according to date. Plus each course has the same name but is distinguished by the suffix MM.YY at the end. This is an example of how it displays in SeaTable:
My Course 02.23
My Course 03.23
My Course 04.23

However, when this data is passed over to, the order is mixed up. E.g.
My Course 03.23
My Course 04.23
My Course 02.23

What is the criteria that ST uses for passing data ? What could explain the discrepancy?

Hi @webdienste.

Do you pass the list from the Default View or from a custom view?

Hi AkDk7: I use a custom view
Just did a check in the default view and it is still showing the same problem

I am using n8n to automate and if I need to sort the output I am using a custom view which is sorted before. Did you try that?

I did do that. Everything was sorted well in advance. I am using
For clarification: not all of the rows are affected. some course types do pass to in the correct date order.

The view has been sorted according to the column “start date” ( = start date of course). Because the courses have month and year in their names (e.g. 02.23, 03.23, 04.24) and the rest of the course name is the same for each course type, this automatically lists them in the right numerical order in

I have tried listing them according to name (ascending), which also lists them in the right order in SeaTable but bunches them together rather than separate according to date order. Yet still some course types do not display in the right order.

I have now managed to solve the problem by deleting the affected / problematic rows and re-entering them. Let’s hope the problem doesn’t pop up again.

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Uh, that’s dirty :slight_smile: Good luck with that!

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