Issues with Automatically Retrieving Multiple Columns Using "Link to Another Table"

I’ve noticed that I can no longer retrieve data from another table using the “link to another table” feature as before. Previously, when selecting an ID from Table B in Table A, other relevant columns from Table B would automatically appear in Table A. Now, it seems I have to create a new column in Table A each time and manually select the required data from Table B, rather than having the data automatically pulled in once the ID is selected. This change significantly complicates the workflow. The column name “ID” is used as an example. Is there a solution to this problem, or a more efficient way to automatically bring in multiple columns of data from another table upon selecting an ID?

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What do you mean by “link to another table” feature? Are you talking about common datasets? Or the column type “Link to other records”?

Common datasets have been improved recently, but their general behavior has not been changed. The behavior of link columns has not been changed either.