I've read the security page, wanted to know more about security and encryption

I’m located in the EU so it was crucial that I use a tool which stores the data here. I am planning on using the Plus subscription but I am still reluctant when it comes to using the service.

On the security page it says

“To ensure secure transmission of your data over the Internet, all user data, including subscription and payment data, is encrypted using up-to-date cryptographic methods. This applies to data transfer between you and the application servers, between components in a data center, and between the two data centers used.”

That means in case of a hack or something happening with the servers, the data will be encrypted and unreadable in any way?
I plan to use SeaTable to input all the data from my clients, invoices, leads, projects, budgets and the rest. If the service is hacked, I don’t want all that information to float on the internet.

So far I have everything stored on my main workstation which of course can still be hacked but the chances are far lower. I don’t work with super sensitive information or gov agencies but still I value this data.


As our security site states, all data is encrypted for transport. SeaTable Cloud only accepts the current TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3.

Data is NOT stored encrypted (on technical and usability grounds).

As you have read, we have implemented state-of-the-art methods and technologies to prevent the servers from being hacked. Monitoring tools identify and warn us of suspiciuos behavior. (I doubt you have similar tools this on your main workstation.)

If you do not want to put your data in SeaTable Cloud, you can run your own SeaTable Server. You find more information at SeaTable On-Premises, die Low-Code Plattform auf Ihrem eigenen Server.

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