Just show the date, not the time

I have a birthday column which is a date type column:

The data is imported and always contains the time too, always as 00:00.

I’d like to format the column to only show the date, but when I deselect “minutengenau” (“to the minute” or similar), the complete column gets emptied.

Can I keep the date and get rid of the time?

I guess, the import in the date field is not correct.

Here’s a trick that I applied successfully in the past when I encountered issues with imported date info: Before importing, I had the dates formatted in ISO format in the source table (a CSV file). When I imported this file, all problems I previously had, were gone.

This is a bit too late, I already made lots of edits to the data and do not want to import it again. I found a solution, though:

  1. I added a formula column Geb with the formula date(year({Geburtsdatum}),month({Geburtsdatum}),day({Geburtsdatum})). This formula worked nicely on the original data to produce the result shown in the picture below.

  2. I added a date column Geb2.

  3. I wrote a JavaScript script that goes through the rows and updates Geb2 with the content of Geb as a date:

// Get Data
const table = base.getTableByName('Studenten'); 
const view = base.getViewByName(table, 'Test');
const rows = base.getRows(table, view);

// Convert
for (var i=0; i<rows.length; i++) {
  const row = rows[i];
  base.modifyRow(table, row, {'Geb2': row['Geb']});

Now I see this, which is fine:

I can now delete the columns Geburtsdatum and Geb and just use Geb2.


Glad you could solve it.

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