Kanban Card Enhancement

Hello devs, first kissing some butt this dev team is second to none great work. Ok that aside, I wanted to touch base on the kanban plug-in and throw in a long shot for a feature to be added asap my company principles love this.

As I’ve stated before, my use case is a screen printing shop. We currently use a kanban board built into a google sheet to move “production tickets” containing information about the work order needing to get completed such as a blue column to show screen as ready, green to show garments ready to print, order description, amount of screens needed, impressions and ship date. See below, order description has been redacted due to client privacy.

Thanks to seatable I’ve been able to build an enhanced kanban board linked to various tables that can generate our work orders, purchase orders, track inventory etc. utilizing the page designer and then also display them in a similar “production ticket” on a board. See below

What I am requesting is a wider card with essentially two columns used to display the information instead of the card expanding in vertical length based on the columns selected to display. As shown in the first screen shot we are able to display like 7-8 tickets on a screen based on on our browser zoom settings (we can go up to like 15-16 tickets on larger screens. On the second screenshot showing our board built in seatable, using the same amount of information as the sheet (essentially 8 columns of information), the card is very long. Even zooming out completely in the browser we are still only able to show about 4-5 cards in a status (or scheduled on a press in our case).

Having a split column in each card with each card being slightly wider to allow this info to be displayed to essentially in our case have 4 rows per column will allow us to view more “production tickets” simultaneously and enable our scheduler to work much more Efficiently.

Any one I can bribe to get this to happen??? Hahaha thank you alll!!

This is Ralf from the SeaTable team. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. We really enjoy getting this kind of feedback. And: Your application sounds cool! Great to hear that you could take your application to the next level thanks to SeaTable.
As for your feature request, this is a long shot! I don’t want to get your hopes up. If you asked me for my honest opinion, I’d say that your feature request is at the lower end of the priority list.
But, I have an idea for you: Why don’t you create your own two-column design by merging the info of two columns into one through a formula column. Then simply have the Kanban plugin display the formula column rather than the two source columns.
I realize that this is second best. The alignment may be a little wonky. The formatting of the single select column is also lost in the process. But you can do it in no time and it’s available NOW.

Hmm that’s an interesting throught. You are right with the downside being loading formatting of the single select (my production scheduler loves his colors) so my not work for us but I will play around with merging columns to condense info.

As a follow up quotation, any thoughts on if column labels will be eventually added to the info displayed on the kanban board?

Keep the two single select columns as they are and merge the other columns using formulas. You can bring the row down to 6, right?

It’s on the development plan, but with medium priority.

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Exactly what I was thinking. Definitely a workaround until I bug you guys again a year from now about it so acceptable solution Ty

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