KANBAN - New boards not able to configure cards

Ist it just me? My KANBAN Boards are supposed to show cards with selected info from the base. However the function to edit, which data is shown … it’s suddenly gone! Also when I create NEW boards. The cards only show data from ONE column and I don’t see how I can display more data in a card as I used to. Old boards are still fine, but also no chance to edit, what info is shown. !!! Sorry for me beeing lost.


Are you using the Kanban plugin, or the Kanban page type in the Universal App?

Can you please describe in more detail or show a screenshot of what you are missing where? Thanks in advance.

Please also press ctrl + F5 once to clear the cache.

Talking about the PLUGIN using your CLOUD Version.

Clearing cache didn’t make a change … also I tried SAFARI and CHROME.

Turning ON addit. info used to be avail. in the right sidebar.

Hi Hagen,

Thanks for the information, we’ll take a look.

This is a screenshot that I just took

I cannot reproduce the behavior you observe.

@rdb the option “Other fields shown in kanban” is not shown if the language is set to German.

That’s weird.

What is shown is the tiny triangle to maximize the column list. So columns can be added and removed from the Kanban card.

Ok, we can confirm: if the account is set to German, the “label” to configure the info on the card is not displayed. You still can click on the small triangle and open the menu.

We will fix this soon:

Wow. thx. I didn’t see that tiny triangle. Got it! Once again … you guys are great with fast solutions, fixes and service. Keep it up!!!

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The missing text string is now visible in the Kanban Plugin.
For the next days, the string will be in English. In the next version, it will be translated accordingly in the different languages.