Keep formatting of column when called by a formula on linked items(mail)

I’m doing a formula on linked content between two tabs.
first tabs has project
second tabs has customer name and email
in the first tab, i link the customer and the email is then displayed by a formula on linked content.
That works well, but the email format is not there. I can’t directly click on the cell to open the email client, as the mail format from the source.

would it be possible to

You’d have to add a button column in table with the linked formula column with the button using the action “Send mail”. It’s not exactly what you want, but it’s available right now and I think a good plan b

yes, that can work that way, but it’s a hack ^^

The lookup column for email column is logically an array of emails. So displaying an Email icon like the original column is not suitable if the result is really an array.

that would be great to be able to choose the format of the column at the end.

I am not so sure. It would make the logic complicated.

And, again, it’s not necessary:

Indeed, but it’s adding a column.
Anyway, thanks for your replies

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