Last modifier for specific cell

Hello, I would like to record the last modifier (user) when a specific column is edited for a given row. Is this possible? So far I have only found the auto enter last modifier column type which changes when any cell in the row is edited. Thank you!

Hello, this very specific feature is not possible.
But you can always have a good look into the operation logs:

OK. Thanks for the response. Is it possible to access the logs programmatically?

Why don’t you use a collaborator column in combination with an automation? The automation would change the value in the collaborator column when a value in the column-to-monitor is changed. Defining the trigger event is trivial with SeaTable’s automation. The modification more complicated as you need to use a script.

This is a wonderful idea! If @jefferis you are using the Enterprise Edition, you’ll find Automation Rules is really a very powerful feature.

However, just to answer this question: Yes, through API - SeaTable API Reference

Thank you both! Where can I find some documentation about the Automation Rules? Does it work on Developer Editor or only Enterprise?

Automations are exclusively available in the Enterprise plan. Or the Enterprise Edition of SeaTable Server (on-premises).

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