LDAP Migration for Seatable

Hello Seatable Team,

we recently upgraded our DE server to an EE server. The server is currently being used as an ERP system. All other systems have been migrated to LDAP, but we are hesitant to migrate Seatable, which already has many important and extremely large bases, to LDAP. We have some questions that will help us make the decision to migrate:

  1. Is it possible to migrate existing users to LDAP users (including all rights, bases, views, etc.)?
  2. Do LDAP users have the same rights and capabilities as regular users?
  3. Are there any existing references (tickets, guides, etc.) available for migrating Seatable to LDAP? We have only found Migrate local users to oauth/oidc.
  4. Are there any important considerations or things to keep in mind that we may have overlooked?

Thank you for your assistance.

I would suggest you do as I did in Migrate local users to oauth/oidc .

  1. Create a new user from the LDAP.
  2. Check what the table looks like that I posted in the other thread.
  3. Delete the newly created user.
  4. Add the LDAP for every user to that table.

All of this is of course done without any warranty as I am not working for Seatable. :wink:
I work in IT though and did worse on production systems when I had to.
Announce a maintenance window, lock it from the outside so none can login, backup the database and update the users.

As far as I can tell the LDAP users have exactly the same settings and rights as local ones, except for the passwords.

@The1Stormrider: There is a completely new section in the SeaTable manual which answers all your questions:

In short: migrating existing local users to LDAP is definetely possible. There is no problem with rights or existing assets like bases, views etc.

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