`limit` parameter ignored in `Base.list_rows`

It looks like Base().list_rows ignores the limit parameter. This is what I get when using the method on a table with 3,887 rows:

In [1]: import os
In [2]: from seatable_api import Base
In [3]: base = Base(os.environ["SEATABLE_API_TOKEN"], "https://cloud.seatable.io")
In [4]: base.auth()
In [5]: rows = base.list_rows("Specifications")
In [6]: len(rows)
Out[6]: 1000
In [7]: rows = base.list_rows("Specifications", limit=50000)
In [8]: len(rows)
Out[8]: 1000
In [11]: rows = base.list_rows("Specifications", start=1000, limit=50000)  # To demonstrate that the table does have 1000+ rows
In [12]: len(rows)
Out[12]: 1000

I am using SeaTable Cloud and seatable-api version 2.6.5.

Ah, in that case, the Python API documentation is incorrect? Rows - SeaTable Programming Manual

Thanks for the hint! Should be fixed soon.

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Error in manual fixed. Thanks again!

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