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Good morning everyone,

I’ve got a linked formula column (type lookup) that returns two or more date values in one cell.

If i create a new colum type “forumla” is it possible to return just the latest (newest) date?

e.g. [2022-08-12] [2022-09-13] → [2022-09-13]

What I tried so far:
MAX function - this has only returned “2022”, instead of the whole (and latest) date.
If I enter just the column name {} in the formula it returns the first date [2022-08-12].

2022-09-16 um 05-23-08

You should use a rollup or findmax formula in the link formula column. There is no need to use two columns.

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Here some screenshots how to achieve this:


and here is how to configure the lookup column.


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