Link to other record column, limit to views

Hi, I have a case, where I need 2 different links with restriction to views into a table.
e.g. working time and travel time are 2 categories in my time recording, I now have a view in the time recording table, for each of those categories.
Now I also have a table for invoice management. In this table I need to have 1 column with all working time recordings, this is a link column to the view “working time” and I need 1 column to the “travel time” view. in order to seperate the time recordings (as filters instead of defined views are not possible?).
because I added 2 “link to other record” columns in the invoice tab, I now have 2 “linked to other record columns” in my time recording table as well, which both link to the invoice tab. Thus I cannot maintain the same field with the invoice information for all my time recordings, which is confusing.
Any idea to simplify this?

P.S.: I need to work with the links and cannot just catch the IDs in a linked formula setup, as I want to add the information of the timerecording in a table to my invoice document. Thus the 2 independent colums on the invoice tab seem to be needed.

You can work with the Universal App.

The advantage is that you do not need separate views and only need a Link to other records column.

In the Universal App, create two pages of the type Table (form also works), which are based on your Invoice table. Page 1 Working Time, page 2 Travel Time and open the page settings of the respective page. Now open the Link column settings, set a filter to Work on one page and to Travel on the other. You can use the Link formula and Lookup to display the status in the Invoice table.

Does that help you?

not sure it does. I need the time recordings and the travel time recordings in 2 columns in the invoice tab, to also be able to sum up the revenues per “category” to then print it in 2 different areas, I think. But will double check if I correctly understand what you are suggesting and if I can then make it work, but assume I am then missing the functionality I need in the invoice base table to create the invoices correctly.

Perhaps it makes sense for you to present the entire use case again.

I am sure that a good solution can be found.

OK, here we go:

I am working on projects, the base currently includes the following tables:

  • customers
  • contracts (linked to customers)
  • projects (linked to contracts and customers)
  • Time recordings (linked to project) and categorised into “time” and “travel time”, as those have different rates
  • expenses
  • invoices (linked to contract.

in addition to the base linkeages, I want to link my “time” and “travel time” recordings into the invoices table.

  1. I want to show the revenue per category in the invoice table
  2. I want to create the invoice / timesheet from the table, as shown in my earlier post, the invoice is supposed to have a table showing all “time” recordings and a table showing all “travel time” recordings.

as far as I see it, I cannot put a filter on the tables shown in the document, thus cannot reduce the tables to either “travel time” or “time” and I can also not choose a view, which would then be a reduction to all, but I can either show the items in the linked table or not. Or am I missing a point here?

For above reason, I did create 2 link to other records columns in the invoice table linking to the time recording table, one linking to the view “time” and one linking to the view “travel time”, which then produces 2 different columns linking to invoices in the “Time recording” table.

Hope it is understandable, what I do?

If “Time recordings” and “Projects” are linked, you can specify whether “Time” or “Travel” in the “Time recordings” table when entering the time.

In the “Projects” table, create two columns of the type Link formula with rollup function and set the condition “Time” or “Travel” here. You will then see which times have been recorded for each project.

The “Invoice” table is linked to “Projects”, here you use a lookup and display the values and create your invoice.
You can then use additional conditions to exclude times that have already been invoiced from being listed.

Hi, tried to follow this through. What I am still missing is the table, link from time recordings to invoices, to then show the details of each time recording in the timesheet on my invoice. with the rollup, I can only do the summay / list of one colum from the lookup, correct?