Link to other records - Limit row selection to a view problem

I have a list of users and a checkbox column for tasks done for each month. And two views - “Made” and “Not made”

In the second table i have this settings:

Why does the column “Link to other records” still show me all records? How to limit records to only those found in the view “Not made”?

UPDATE: Actually, I realized that the option “Limit row selection to a view” works only when manually adding the link record. Data processing operation “Auto add link” cannot be configured to search in a specific view. And the option “Limit row selection to a view” cannot filter already added records.
I think it will be great if Seatable develop such a feature in the future.

thanks for the update, so you were able to find the solution yourself.

Feel free to add the feature request here.

That’s the designed behavior.

This may be added in the future.

I disagree. SeaTable is capable of that. But I guess I misunderstand you.

If a feature requests garners enough support on, we’ll give the feature a priority in its development.

Maybe you misunderstand me.

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