Link to other records - refresh or display bug

EE self-hosted latest version.

I seem to encounter a bug with the display of the linked records in the “link to other records” column.

Whenever a new record is added through a “link to other records” field the representing record is displayed with empty values as seen here in the screenshot.

Sometimes even the record in the table cell itself is only an empty grey box with no or only partial content (this happens especially when the record was created via form or universal app).

A browser window refresh (Command-R) or switching to another table and back resolves the issue and everything is displayed correctly.

This is not base specific as I was able to replicate it with different bases and installations. Any idea what could be causing this and how to resolve it? Or is it a bug and we have to wait for a next version?

Hi @pueblo.

Unfortunately, that is not the only problem with that list feature.
When you remove the selected item it does not come back to the list again. You have to open it up again. I tried to eyplain it here: Related item missing after removing

I hope the team will fix it. :slight_smile:

Yup, I saw your other report a few days ago. I was surprised that I never encountered it myself but was able to replicate it.

We will check the issue.

This issue shoudl be solved with SeaTable 4.1. @pueblo and @AkDk7, could you check that?

Hi @rdb.

I cannot confirm it.
If I remove a value from a linked column and click on “Bestehende Einträge verlinken” I still do not see the removed item.

Yup, not resolved for me either unfortunately.

I want to even add to the original issue as it creates real world problems for our users and I believe that it is directly related to this bug. What we are struggling with specifically is a scenario where we have two linked tables (A and B) and a form that creates a record in table B but is called from a button in table A. Now after the record was created successfully the corresponding data is not automatically updated in table A unless the users refreshes the view or switches back and forth between tabs. This is problematic because if the users forgets the manual refresh procedure, automations that are triggered from another button in table A will lead to incomplete data in PDFs or tables. There is also the scenario where User A adds data to table B using the form and and user B (who is viewing) table A is not even aware that new data was added.