Linking external data to existing table rows/individuals

I am trying to automatically take external exam data and link it to the correct person in a table row.

I have a table - let’s call it “certifications” - which contains columns with 1) the name of individual exam takers, 2) the exams these individuals have taken, the contents of which are the results of each individual exam.

Table “Certifications”

At the moment, the results of the tests (done on a website) are entered manually into the correct columns. I want to automate this.

The question is, what is the best way to do this?
FYI: I would like to use
SO far, I have forked the data from the website and via entered it into a separate table in the same base called “Exam results”. I am using this table as a “bounce” table as I have not managed to link integromat to the “Certifications” table as I cannot search there for the name as the name is a linked record from another table.

It would be great if there is a way to automate the link up so that, when data enters the “Exam results” table, ST searches for the person by name in the “certifications” table and then matches it. If no person is in that table, it creates a new row.

Anyone have an idea on the best way to achieve this?

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