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In the latest version of Seatable, I’ve noticed that when creating a link between two tables by checking the option ‘Limit links to a single line maximum’, this is not reflected in the ‘Apps’ section. Multiple options can be selected.
‘Limit links to a single line maximum’ is indeed selected in the Apps section.

Do you encounter the same issue as I do?

Thank you in advance.

Hi yblis,

So you are using the column of type “link to other records” and you have selected “Limit linking to max one row” in the settings?

Under these conditions, I can’t reproduce the problem.


I am following your instructions precisely, and I am experiencing a different behavior. In the last screenshot, I should not have any options because they are already present in the table.

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the behavior of SeaTable is as it should be.

The function “Limit linking to max one record” says that only one record may be linked and not several. It does not exclude that records are no longer displayed just because they are already recorded in the table.

I guess you want to display a rental / availability of vehicles and in the web form you want to display only vehicles that are currently available?

To achieve this I created a special view that filters for “no link in that column”. Then I updated the linked column from the other table to show only this one view. Boom, done.
Downside is, that there is a view that you most probably will change or delete because people tend to forget what it is for. :smiley:
I’ve already suggested view descriptions in the ideas section.

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Yes, that is precisely what I would like to accomplish.

Thanks for your answer @vqui !

@yblis i hope you can work with this answer, or do you need more help?

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