List Rows via API as specific user

If a View has conditions which include the current SeaTable user - Is there a way to retrieve the view via List Rows as a specific user e.g. by passing the user_id?

Currently I can only see a possible workaround via List Rows (with SQL) which of course is a little more effort and would not pick up changes made to the view.

Thanks for any help

Hi @siax84.

I think this is not possible since SeaTable would use the currently logged in userid as filter. And since you are using another type of authentication the conditions would never figure out which user it might be. Seems like you have to use pure sql to select the rows with a specific user.

Thanks @AkDk7 , I assumed so. Of course I could submit the user_id via the API, if it was supported, but seems at least for now I will use a SQL workaround (which is great, that it exists :slight_smile: )

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