Lock a cell until a certain column is checked

Hello everyone,

would anyone know how to solve this?
In this picture, I would like to lock the “Valor Pago” cell until the “Aprovado pela Diretoria” is checked. Until then, no one could fill this cell.



You cannot lock individual cells. You can only lock entire rows or, by using column permissions, restrict edits in this column.

Both features - row locking and column permissions - are available in SeaTable Cloud Plus and Enterprise.

In SeaTable Enterprise, you can use an automation to lock a row contingent upon a rule.

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There is no good way to achieve such subtle permission.

A walk around is to use two pages in universal app.

  • In the first page, make “Valor Pago” column read-only.
  • In the second page, using pre-filters to filter records with ““Aprovado pela Diretoria” checked, and make “Valor Pago” column read-write.

In this way, only records with ““Aprovado pela Diretoria” checked will appear in the second page and can be modified.

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