Locked out after update

On EE in docker, after upgrading from 3.016 to 3.3.7 I’m now locked out of my account.
Checking the dtable_web.log yielded several errors like this:

[ERROR] seahub.profile.models:139 get_username_by_contact_email get username by contact_email: username@gmail.com error: (1054, “Unknown column ‘profile_profile.sms_2fa’ in ‘field list’”)

Any advice?

Did you run the database update scripts?


I knew i was forgetting something important. First dumb moment of 2023.

Thank for the help!

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@rdb Wouldn’t it be possible to run the database update scripts when you start the server?

This is in fact an improvement we are looking into. Stay tuned.

Glad to hear your problem is solved.

I wish you few such moments in 2023 :wink:

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