Locking columns in one particular View

Hi community!

My colleagues and I are wondering if there’s a way to lock all the columns in one View, so that they don’t move around when someone moves them in a different View.
It’s starting to annoy me greatly that every few days, my columns are all messed up and I have to waste time getting my View (that only I use) the way I like it again.

Hi Willem,
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What you want is to lock the column sequence and, yes, you can do that using the lock function (see screenshot below).

Enabling the table header lock locks the column sequence for all views. (SeaTable does not (yet) support individual column sequences in different views.)

Thank you :slight_smile: The only problem is that I “don’t have permission to lock the table header”. Is the admin the only person who can do this, or can they give certain users permission to do this?

I see, you are working on a base shared with you or a base in a group. Yes, in this case, only the base owner or the group admin can enable table header locking.

Aha, thank you for your quick answers. Our admin is going to have a look at it.

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