Long-Text field loses content

I’m on the latest version of DE self-hosted. I just came across a strange bug that affects long-text fields. You put some content into the text editor. The text is shown in table view correctly but when you open the editor again everything is just blank and the text is gone. Strangely this doesn’t affect all of the fields in even the same column but just some. Even when the content is shown in table view, it is also missing in the page-designer (this is how I even realized the bug). So far I couldn’t find out what causes the problem or why it only affects some but not all cells in a column :thinking:

Edit: I even tried to convert the column type to normal text and back again. But still the same cells have the same problem after re-conversion. As long as it stays converted to normal text fields everything works correctly.

It seems to me like a familiar problem I’ve come across several days ago. I have a telephone plugin installed in my browser, and the plugin considers numbers like 20210822 as telephone number. This somehow conflicts with the long text editor and causes strange behaviors.

Because we cannot get the source code of that plugin, we cannot solve this problem merely on our side. I would suggest you to post a screenshot of the long text editor with the text you are trying to save and let’s have a look what’s causing the problem. If you have a similar plugin, that could be the cause.

Karlheinz, thanks for your reply. I don’t have any plugin like that installed. Also it really doesn’t matter what the content of the cell is. I even copied content from other cells that were working OK. Makes absolutely no difference. The workaround that seems to work is to make a new row and transfer the contents of the cell over and delete the old row. The newly created row seem to hold information just fine.

So I see, this is a problem with that exact row. This is strange, but since it can’t be reproduced, we’ll have to wait until it happens again and then analyze the cause. You are welcome and thanks for posting this!

I’m marking this topic as resolved because the error cannot be reproduced.