Long text field typing bug

When you start typing while on a long text field (in table view), without opening the editor first with a double click, the first letter will be placed after the subsequent letters. This basically doesn’t allow to just quickly type as in a normal text field because it leads to garbled text. Expected behaviour would be that the first letter is…well, the first letter :grin:

This is a known issue since a period of time, especially for our Chinese developers, when they try to input Chinese into a long text field, because the first letter is “swallowed”, they often type out a completely different character.

I think this bug is not that simple to elevate, and there are, frankly speaking, other issues concerning the long text editor, too. All I can say is: we are working on it!

You’ll like SeaTable 2.1 :wink:

Can you please test if SeaTable 2.1 meets your expectations?