Long Text messy - replace line break \n work arround

Text comes from API into a ling text field.
Line Breaks are literally in the Text as "\n”

Want to solve that with a formula substitute() by substitute “\n” with the appropriate ASCII code. How would be the syntax for that?

Can you paste the link of the wrongly parsed API document? We will give it a check.

To solve your issue, maybe you can try to paste it into another desktop text editor, then copy/paste from the text editor to SeaTable.

I know the manual options. I’m looking for an automated solution.

My guess was to use the substitute() function. All I need is the syntax to exchange the ‘\n’ with the appropriate ASCII Code 013 to fix the string in the field data.

Hi @sheinrich ,
Maybe this formula can match your needs :


Between the last two double quotes, I pasted the Carriage Return (CR) character. Be aware that with this formula, the detected format of my Formula column is text, so the display of the column doesn’t show the line breaks, so I’m not sure this is what you want.
When you copy / paste the content of this cell in another text editor or in a long-text type column however, you can see that the line breaks are present.


PS : depending on the degree of automation you need and the SeaTable version you use, a script, or a n8n automation can also be a good solution.

Perfect. That does the job.
Thank You