Look up matching row in another table

Hi all,

probably a stupid question: Suppose, I have two tables:

1 Miller
2 Smith
3 Doe

table 2
3 John
2 Joe
1 Jim

How can I add a column FIRST_NAME to table1 that shows the FIRST_NAME from table2 by looking up the ID of the person? Like in table1b

1 Miller Jim
2 Smith Joe
3 Doe John

In Excel I would do this via INDEX and MATCH, but is there any way to do it in Seatable, too?

Thanks a lot


Excel is a spreadsheet. SeaTable is a (relational) database system. Important difference and reason for SeaTable offering two options rather than one:
a.) Data processing operation
b.) A link between the two tables (and then set the display value to “FIRST_NAME”)

a.) works similiar to a lookup/index in Excel. But data processing operations are not functions that refresh values automatically, but they must be explicitly called. (Image you disable formula computation in Excel and you need to press F8 to update all formulas).

b.) is the recommended way. You create a link between the records in the two tables. This is more powerful because, once the link has been created, you can use the link to carry out cross-table computations. Lookup is the simplest operation. SeaTable also offers rollup, findmin, findmax, countlinks.

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