Lookup based on lookup fields

Hi @Karlheinz
Recently the issue 486 was closed (Allow lookup also with lookup fields)
Unfortunately there 2 issues were discussed.

The issue with the 4 layers as I understood now is solved by adding 1 additional layer, not that much but thank you for that! :blush:

Ok, but my original request is still not solved. It was the request to use the lookup functions based on a previous lookup field. See the example:

Parent 1 is a lookup field

Now i need to add Parent2 and I need to lookup the value based on the value in field Parent1, and this is still not allowed

Here it should allow me to select the field “Parent1” as lookup field. But it is still only allowed to select the link to other record column “Function”

I read this and your previous post some 5 times, but I am still not sure I understand your requirement.

Based on my understanding of your job at hand, what you want is possible. Have a look at the table below.

You select the the function and SeaTable shows all the parents. Isn’t this what you want to do?

This is how I did it:

For this solution to work, every function has one (and only one) parent.

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First, i have a table Business Functions


This table has only fields Name and Parent and here I can create structures as deep as i want, in this exampl we have 3 levels. 3. Level Supplier contracts, has Parent Contract Management on leve 2, which has his parent Purchasing on level 1.

In the next step I am trying to normalize this structure for each employee. I say that Gino’s function is supplier contracts, which is level 3, and then my whish is to automatically show the higher function levels, level 2 is possible with lookup, as input we have the function level3 (linked to another record) and it gives the contract management, but to get also level 1 I would need to lookup with the level 2 field, because I need the value Purchasing as result.

Hope this makes clearer, I have also send an excel example to Karlheinz some time ago. If you need it let me know and i will send you an email.

Thank you

I am just a supporter, no developer: But I’d say that your request cannot be implemented.

In your second screenshot, you want to be able to select a link formula column where a link column must be selected. These column types are not interchangeable. In fact, they are kind of opposites: A link column creates a link, a link formula column evaluates a link.

You’ll need to restructure the table ‘Business functions’ as shown in my example.

Why do you want to stick to your structure?

Well, from my point of view it should be possible to work with the value coming from a link formula (lookup in this case). It is the same as doing this in Excel.

Here the same example in Excel, first the functions:

Then the assignment to the employee: Function Level 2 is using B2 as lookup field

and Function Level 1 is using C2 as lookup field

The reason why i want to work with this type of definition of business function is to have a structured database without double entries… otherwise my functions table must look like this:

If you say that this lookup based on values calculated by a previous lookup is technically not possible in Seatable this is a statement… let me know, thank you

Exactly. this is what your table would have to look like to use SeaTable immediately for your use case.

I am not saying that SeaTable will never be able to do that. It may. My statement above was not an absolute one (and wrapped into the caveat of me not being a developer). But I am not aware of any plans to develop this feature.

You presented this as a feature request. Duly noted. My attempt was to present you a workaround that you can use today.

Ok, thank you
If you see any chance to extend the capability of lookup function in the future it would be really helpful.
In the meantime I will try to find another solution

Please let us know when you have found another solution. Thanks in advance.