Mail sending with third party provider and multiple recipients fails when value comes from field


I’m trying to figure out whether this is a bug - can somebody reproduce, and / or tell me if I’m making the wrong assumptions?

Steps to reproduce

  • Base with Third-Party Mail provider, Automation triggers mail
  • Fixed values in the mail sending form in the automation: Works … :heavy_check_mark:
    • … even with multiple recipients, comma-separated:, :heavy_check_mark:
  • Create a text field “mail”, write a single e-mail-address into it:
    • use {mail} in the automation for the recipients instead of a string literal: Works :heavy_check_mark:
  • Fill the “mail” field (column) with the same comma-separated list (, Fails :no_entry:, no mail sent

For some reason, Seatable seems to mess up the comma-separated list of recipients when it’s coming from a table column / field, resulting in no mail being sent. When I include the {mail} field into the subject or body part of the automation form,, ends up exactly like this in the mail.

is it possible that seatable encodes / escaped some part (maybe the comma) in the substitution, and then doesn’t know how to use the list of recipients?

Hello @abaer,

I was able to reproduce the behavior (Trigger condition: Records meet specific conditions after modification).

We will take a closer look at this topic again.

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The problem seems to be the same with other column types : for a link column or a multiple selection column, the mail isn’t sent for more than one element, but it does for one single element.

Thanks for verifying. We had the same experience here. We actually started with multiple links to other tables, then reduced it to multi-select in order to debug. We then used formulas to generate proper comma-separated lists as strings, and the formulas to escape the commas with \, \\, and different quotation marks.

Using a plain text field was our final simplification before I wrote the ticket.