Maintaining historical data when importing from other databases

I’m intending to migrate some databases I have in Matrify over to SeaTable, however I don’t want to lose historical data like creation and last modified dates and auto-numbering. I’m wondering:

  1. Is there a way to import data into SeaTable that allows me to override the creation and modified dates during row creation?
  2. Similarly is there a way to maintain auto numbering? I tried typing a number into a text column in the correct format, then converting to auto-number, but it just overrode the cell with a new auto-number. Would be nice if I could import my existing auto-numbering and continue with that.
  3. For comments, can I create comments against rows with a particular date?

Don’t mind how this is achieved, happy to use the API. Just hoping it possible! :slight_smile:

Hey tim,

great to hear that you like SeaTable.
Unfortunately, what you request is not possible because it is contrary to the purpose of these values. If you cannot be sure that the creation date is the real creation date, then you have typically a big problem. Therefore, what you request is not possible. There are no API-calls and no internal functions available.

The only way to overcome these auto-created values like:

  • creation date
  • creator
  • autonumber
  • comment date

would be to change these values directly in the sql-database of SeaTable. This is only possible with a self-hosted or dedicated SeaTable system.

I am sorry.

Thanks for the quick reply @cdb! I need to correct you… I LOVE SeaTable :wink:
Your reply is what I expected, but thought I’d check anyway. I can use a date column to capture this historic data.
For the auto-number we’re in luck, I am using the self hosted! Can you please point me in the right direction for editing these in the SQL table? I.e. how do I determine which table to edit? I’m on the latest version (3.1). Cheers.

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