short status update and why there is current no progress

Hey everybody,

this is a summary of the current status of the SeaTable App. This App was developed a year ago by The current app is working ok, but there are some problems with it. Here just some of the issues that were reported in this forum:

I asked to take over the responsibility of the SeaTable App and the App was transfered to my make account Beginning of September 2023. I tried to update the App and fixe some code, but I had problems to publish changes I have done.

I asked the support and also the make community for help (Problems with VS Code and Plugin Updates - Custom Apps - Make Community) but the community could not help. The support team suggested that I should create a new app, just by copy-and-paste the code.

I tried to do this two weeks ago, but there are two new problems:

  • I can’t see the current SeaTable App anymore in my account. The support team confirmed, that they took away the app from my account, because they want to fix a bug with pagination. As long as this takes, I have no access to the source code… (I made the mistake not saving this)
  • IML functions (a fundamental part of the SeaTable App) are currently disabled.

To make it short: there is no progress at all on this topic because there are roadblocks, that I can’t solve. You can use the current version but you have to live with the problems. I will keep everybody updated.

Thanks Christoph.

Oh dear, are not being very helpful. I am on the Facebook group and lots of people have serious issues even trying to contact make.

In my opinion, a functioning connection to the largest European iPaaS provider is an absolute must for SeaTable.

Of course you can refer to other providers (Zapier, n8n) - but they have significant disadvantages (Zapier = USA, n8n = far too technical for NoCode developers).

Top dog Airtable shows how it should be with SeaTable. I have been working with this combination ( / Airtable) for a very long time and it works reliably, comprehensively and - since you don’t have to build any workarounds - very efficiently in terms of the operations used.

In this respect, I would like to appeal to SeaTable to realize or have realized an Airtable-like connection to with maximum effort if there is not enough capacity available internally.

After all, I consider to be a multiplier for the use and distribution of SeaTable (just as it was and is for Airtable!). And I sincerely wish SeaTable this greater use and distribution!