Make/Integromat search row action

I’m just in the middle of setting up a bunch of integrations between SeaTable and other services (box, CRM, etc). Due to the nature of those integrations I found myself in a need of having an ability to search through SeaTable records via Make/Integromat to determine if new record has to be created or existing one updated.

Unfortunately it seems that whereas both Zapier and n8n plug-ins do have such a functionalities, Make/Integromat doesn’t. Thus I need to make a hard choice of either dropping SeaTable for Airtable or Make/Integromat for Zapier. Not really keen on any of them.

Thus the question - do you guys plan to implement search SeaTable / search row functionality into Make/Integromat plugin? And, if so, is there any timeframe for that?


Welcome to the SeaTable forum.

The n8n, Zapier and Make app are under active development. They see regular updates.

We plan to implement a “search row” action, but we cannot commit to a timeline. This said, I am positive that the feature will be added by the end of the year at the latest.

Is there not a way of achieving this using filters and routers in Integromat? perhaps with “List Rows”, then filter 1) if not exist, “Append row”, filter 2 if exist “Update row”?

Hi Guys,

Thanks for getting back to me. Had to do some extra reading but got myself sorted out by utilising custom API call and sql query. But thanks for advise!

Sticking with SeaTable and for sure.

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Is there’s an n8n search function?As far as I’m aware I’m only able to search by using the Get All Function & then search the array of the result to get the value I’m searching with seperate javascript function. Would love to have a straightforward search function like the one implemented on zapier.

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