Many new features for the Page Design Plugin

Hey everyone!

I am super excited to announce the new version of the page design plugin to you. This new version is packed with so many new features – you need to test it to believe it. Here only some highlights:

  • Page Design templates can be reordered
  • Each template has a history so that you can go back to older versions
  • Header and footer are supported - their content is repeated on every page in multi-page templates
  • Many new dynamic elements such as page number, name of the view or the current date are available
  • All records of a view can be added as a table
  • More formatting options for tables are available (i.e., banded design, auto-number or bigger headlines)
  • If the table does not fit the placeholder’s area, new pages are automatically added

We are so excited to see what you think of the new features.
Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

Christoph from SeaTable

We will release the new page design plugin in a few weeks, together with the update of SeaTable Cloud to version 3.1.



It’s fantastic to see new features on Page Design, looking forward to testing it, congratulations on all the work done by the Seatable team!

Do you have any plans on allowing us to import a specific font?

I believe this is important so that users and companies can adapt the creations on the Page Design Plugin to the standards of the brand so that it will be possible to create receipts, notices, catalogs, and other things with the same font chosen in the brand creation and development process, whether a single user (freelancer) or a company.

Thank you for your help and attention!

I’m sorry for any inconvenience!

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Hey dcbn,
thanks for your proposal. We will discuss this feature request internally.
Best regards

Awesome news! I wish my airtable plan expired tomorrow lol. Keep up the great work @cdb .

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