Map : impossible to select another tab than the first one

Hi there,

There is a new issue on Maps. With the Android app and on the web version too. The first tab is never unselected when I click on another one. So the records on the map are always those of the the first tab.

Thanks for your help

BTW thanks a lot for the current location displayed. I was waiting for this functionnality for a long time :heart_eyes:

How to get a map in the SeaTable App?

How to get a map in the SeaTable App?

Click on “Plugins” in the top right.
Click on “Add plugins”
Now simply click “Add” for the map plugin

You can find more information on Location visualisation made easy with SeaTable | SeaTable

ps: next time make a new post instead of commenting on one when your question is not related to the current topic, this way the topic doesn’t get cluttered :grin:

They are talking about the SeaTable Android app and not the Universal app! Just to avoid confusion …

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@fsa do you think this issue will be fixed soon ?


Hey @Ruby_Kioube,

During my test, I was able to switch between views in the browser, unfortunately I can’t say anything about the Android app.

Do you still have this issue? Which browser do you use?

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Hi @fsa,

I tried just now and you’re right : I do not have the issue anymore. It seems to be fixed (on android App too).

Thank you

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