Mark duplicate cells

Hi there,
I have a table with nearly 500+ rows with unique IDs as primary key.
In my main view I use the conditional row coloring function already. Sometimes it happens that I enter IDs which are already existing.
Now to my request:
Is it possible to add a duplicate marking function to the cell formating function? In my case after entering the ID I would instantly see whether it’s a duplicate or not.
It could look like that:


The conditional formatting feature offers a “highlight duplicates” function:

It is not possible in one and the same view to have SeaTable conditionally format rows using the color in a single select column and highlight duplicates. If you want to use both, you need to use two different views.

If I understand you correctly, you’d like to see a “highlight duplicates” function in the “Color column cells” feature:
We may add it in the future. But it’s not high priority given that the feature exists already as part of SeaTable’s conditional formatting.

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