Merchandise available to the public?

Will there ever be merchandise available to the public? Would love to get a SeaTable t-shirt!


Hey, guess what? We’ve got this little shop set up with some cool t-shirts and hoodies over at It’s not super professional or anything – just something we whipped up for fun a few months back. And get this, we haven’t sold a single thing yet (except for our own employees, of course).

Right now, we’ve got shirts and hoodies with our logo and old TikTok slogan. But here’s the exciting part: we’re going to add some plain tees with just the logo soon!

If you’re into different styles, hit us up and let us know. Oh, and heads up, we’re not raking in any dough from this gig; our margin is always a flat 0%. Just all about spreading the love to SeaTable, right? :slight_smile:

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