Message formating in Send email action (both button and automation)

Hi, when I try to use the “Send email” action (either from a button or from an automation) with the message body coming from a long text field, I can’t get the right formatting :

  • if I don’t check the rich text option in the action, I get the markdown “source code” of my message, for example # Heading 1 or **Bold**
  • if I check the rich text option, I only get {MessageBody} assuming the content of my message is stored in the MessageBody column

I think I can find a workaround with n8n (I didn’t test yet) but I wanted you to know.
By the way, the “Send email” action from button has a very useful ‘Reply to’ field, which is not present in the same action from automation.

In rich text mode, you should use insert field button to insert a field.

This will be fixed in a future release.

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Thanks @daniel.pan, I missed the insert column button. Unfortunately, the problem remains : when inserting a “long text type” column, the text is still displayed as plain text…

I will record it as a feature request.

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