Missing eMail Confiramtion

When a new User has been setup an email for email confirmation is send to him - normally

my new user does not receive this email for confirmation. there is also ne email in the spam folder

could you help me ???


Dear Adrian,
I am sorry that our emails did not arrive at your inbox. We do our best that this does not happen, but it seems that because we don’t use Microsoft or Google as Mail provider, our mail server is but to any blacklist for no reasons.

Here is what I checked:

  • our mail server is on no common blacklists (Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email).
  • the emails were sent from our mail server but were rejected by your mail server.
  • it seems that your mail server relies on the spam-list josephlist.net.


  • I created a ticket that our IP/server should be removed from this blacklist.

As soon as josephlist.net removes our mail server from their list, you will receive our mails again.
I am sorry for that.

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