Missing individual Filters in Addition to the Filter of a View

I apologize in the case my thoughts are wrong, but I am new using Seatable.

Seatable uses views which can be combined with one filter. This is really nice.

But what I am really missing is a second filter layer behind the view filter:

In case the view is locked I do not see a way for a user to ADD an individual second filter. Because sorting or grouping is locked, too, the user have to browse the view table to find something.

The user can duplicate the basic view and use the copy as a temporary view. Unfortunately I do not see a way to make the view private.
One disadvantage of the solution is that filter changes in the copied base view are easily overseen.

So may be it is an idea to have a separate filter in addition to the filter of the view.
Or are there other solutions around?

When sharing a view, the other user can always add additional filters.

Let me make an example: You share a view that filter your records for “younger than 30 days”. The other user can then add an extra filter “records created by user A”. (The other user can also add extra group-bys or sorts or conditional formats for that matter).

If the view is locked, then no one can modify or add filters. (But this is the idea of a lock, right?!)

Here a best practice: Create views for all the setups that you need on a regular basis. Lock these. Add one or more additional views for further analyses. These can remain unlocked.

Thanks for your reply.

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