Missing Python library


I have a question. I am using Seatable Enterprise Cloud Version.
Now with the data in a base I want to create graphml files… for this purpose python offers a library called pyyed. But unfortunately this library is not available.

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pyyed’

Is there a way to fix this issue?

Thank you and kind regards

The cloud environment has some Python packages preinstalled. You cannot install additional packages from PyPI autonomously. (More here.)

This is not a bug, but a safety mechanism.

We’ll check if we can add pyyed to the preinstalled packages. Generally speaking, we don’t plan on inflating the number of preinstalled libraries.

thats clear, and i did not categories it as a bug… only a question.
If you can do something would be great, let me knwo, thank you!

if you don’t want to include the module in general, there might be the possibility to install the module in a special path and I will include this path in my coding? Something like

# At the beginning of your programme
import sys
sys.path.extend([all the paths of your packages inside of app-packages])

Is not tested, only an idea…

Any news about this request?
Can you already say if there is a chance to import a library somehow or not?
Thank you

Hi there!

I am sorry to keep you waiting! But we have an answer: We won’t add additional packages for now. Sorry!

If you want to use additional Python libraries in your scripts, you need to run a SeaTable instance of your own. Customizing the Python runner is not very difficult. You find the how-to here.

Well, this is not an option… we have subscribed to avoid the self-hosted on-prem version.
Ok, I will see how to continue.


If you don’t want to manage your own system, SeaTable Dedicated Cloud may be an option. In a dedicated server, we can make available additional libraries. Please see here for more information.

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