Moving a table to another base

Could you please add a basic ‘move this table to another base’ ?
That would be really useful when I want to set-up a table then add it to our common base.


Hi Ben,

thanks for the idea.

We’d all it to the list with low priority. With export/import and common data sets, there are already different ways for moving tables around. I understand, it is not as convenient, but “low” is just a relative gauge vis-à-vis other feature we want to add/users wish to see to be added.

You can try ctrl-C and ctrl-V

ok, but i would need to redo the whole table structure in the recipient base for that.

Good idea, maybe we could have a script to migrate a SeaTable table to a SeaTable base, just like the one we’ve done to migrate an Airtable base to SeaTable.

No, you don’t need to. Just create a new table in the new base, focus on the first empty cell, copy and paste from the old base, new columns and rows will be extended automatically.

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