Moving items in Calendar plugin deletes date when format is set to European

When dragging an item in the Calendar plugin to a new date, the item disappears from the Calendar view because the date is deleted in the Date column of the table. This only happens when the Date column format is set to European.

Seatable: 1.6.0

Thanks for the report. I’ve reproduced the error, and I think the dates are not all deleted, because some of them “jumped” somewhere else: as by dragging, the dates have to be changed, and in European format the month and day are switched. That means

  • if you want to drag an item from 2020-10-31 to 2020-10-05 it will jump from October 2020 to May 2020.
  • if you want to drag an item from 2020-10-31 to 2020-10-30 it will disappear/be deleted, because the month 30 doesn’t exist.

We’ll note the error and hopefully fix it as soon as possible!

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Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated.