Multi-page PDFs with Page design plugin?

I’m trying out SeaTable and so far, it looks very nice.

One thing I haven’t figured out yet: I’d like to create (something like) a list of people and their contact info and export it as a PDF.
I’m not looking for a simple table layout, so I was wondering if the „Page design“ plugin can generate documents with multiple pages.

Does anyone know if that’s possible, or if there’s maybe another way to achieve this?


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Welcome to the SeaTable Forum!

The PageDeisgn plugin indeed cannot create multi-page PDFs. That’s a deficit which may be addressed in the future.

But why don’t you just print the table view using a PDF printer? Isn’t that much easier?

Thank you for your reply!

Indeed, printing the table via a PDF printer would be easier. If the document was purely for internal use, I would probably do that.
For our customers, I’d like to produce something nicer looking however.

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So how exactly should page design do to make the page look nicer? I’m just curious :smiley: because page design can really do pretty much, including changing the font, size, height, width, padding, the color of your record fields, and add static text and images. Maybe we can find a solution for you?

If I understand correctly, I have two choices right now to generate a PDF:
Either I use a PDF printer and get a simple table that can run over multiple pages.
Or I use the page design plugin, and I get a nicely formatted document that can only have a single page.

What I’m looking for are multi-page documents with layout :grinning:

The page design can generate as many pages as you like: Each page for one record from your table. So it can do what you are looking for :smiley:

How to do it:
When you print, select “View records”, and the PDF printer will print pages for ALL the records in the current view.


Did I understand it right? Let me know if this is what you are looking for!

Thanks, that’s a useful tip!

I’m trying to replicate a document that is currently being produced manually.
We usually fit 4-5 “records” on each page, so a single record would leave most of the page empty.

Maybe I should reconsider my approach and figure out a new way to do it.
It’s not an absolutely essential issue, so I think I’ll shelve it for now.

Thanks for your help! :grinning:

You are welcome! And you are right - Page design can only display one record on one page. That’s a pity. But perhaps printing on a smaller size of paper and print multiple pages on one piece of “paper” could do some trick.

Glad to have helped (a little)!


Do you have any plans on implementing the possibility to display multiple records in the same page?

Thank you for your help and attention!

I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

This is already supported!

You can print one or more linked records on a page.

Confirmed I’m using this a lot and it’s very usefull

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Thank you for your answer.

I’m sorry for not explaining in the correct way.

I’d like to know If it would be possible (and/or will be implemented) to make something similar as “Mailings” from Microsoft Word.

My intention is to be able to create as much labels as possible in one page without wasting empty spaces.

I’ll link a YouTube video to show what I’m talking about:

Thank you for your help and attention.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

Have a nice time! :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks for clarifying.

The requested feature is not planned. You will need to continue to use Excel or Word for this kind of job.

But, on the bright side, should not be a big problem! You can manage your data in SeaTable and benefit from the advanced feature set (e.g., link records, views, plugins, script support), but when you need to print labels, you export a dataset into XLSX and print the data via Excel.