Multi select in page design and form without colour coding

I don’t know if there is already a solution to this but here goes:
For the template for a letter using the Page design plugin, I would like the option to use a greeting (Mr. Mrs. Dr., etc.) with data drawn from a multi select list. When the text is called from the list, it shows the coloured background and this coloured background also remains in the generated PDF version. I just want the text to show. Is it possible to have colourless list items or for the colour coding to be switched off in the Page designer?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to do that in the Page Design plugin.

In SeaTable, you can always have more columns. In this case, why not create a formula column?


Use the formula T({Greeting column name}) in your Page Design and you will get what you want.

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Great minds think alike. We did that. I was just wondering if there is another way.

Another (less important) issue with the color coded multi selects is its use in forms.

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